The Nuisance Fields

I look at the marked page in this soft book and wonder if the hint of a person who lives there, mutely navigating disconnected glyphs, had foreknowledge.

Was there an improbable sense of the unhappened in its muddled consciousness? Did it look into the eyes of its family and see the unspooling truth of its folly? Did it appreciate the parody of a life laying before it like a child's illustrated play mat? Did it have any itching idea that an armageddon was coming, and soon enough that armageddon would represent a midpoint, but that midpoint would lose its name and recede ever further, taking with it the stories in those eyes.

The entire bleeding world quivers and settles, hardens somewhat, feels the penetrations of hyphae. Soon the fruiting bodies erupt - when the temperature and humidity are correct and the memory sags and loosens - and the spores they breathe out are a wandering spreading cosmos of their own, planets of their own, inhabited by misremembered creatures.


Cleft Maple Trousers

Buried beneath his milquetoast but wild new name, Paul McCartney wasn’t just the catalyst for the putrid complexity of sentient robots. He was far more than a hyper-detailed alien treasure hunter, too. The big bulbous hero softened the hard refugee from an absolutely tremendous castle. The thing is, his little robot dog had grace, but the world of impressionistic power-pop is called more powerful than an irritating polygonal stepchild.


Spay Sage

Since the 1930s, we have known the positive potential of vocabulary, incapable of understanding context. I'm literally repulsed when consumers are dormant and must experience a period of dryness before they are capable of hatching. An understanding of the method by which my two sons, a brother, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild avoid a situation like last year’s shocking robbery would be swell.


One's Final Salsa Verde

Two students at Indiana University, Bloomington, are in a convenience store when a menagerie of scheming, evil, nosy, secretive, and even loving corpses direct their anger and angst at the United States. A busy-body old Southern ‘belle' is filled with troubling and surprising commitment to physical abnormality. It's a fun ride. A man with a great deal of clout and a hulking frame, toothpick in mouth, and bulletproof vest is gorgeous; he does his best to impress the old, tough, and demanding old Southern ‘belle.'



I am a glorious contradiction of superheroes surrounded on all sides by walking, crawling, and flying animals. I will watch the waves in a pool roll away.


Medical Prostitute

For better and worse, tortured teenagers will be forever changed by a misogynistic pile of action-movie clichés of almost shocking inventiveness and originality, guaranteeing that children can keep watching malicious, sentient computers fighting a band of misfit robbers in a messianic tableau surrounded by children. After spending three years engaging in a nationwide bombing campaign that killed a group of impostors tending bar at a suburban barbecue joint. Commercially adored, critically reviled, the champion is exactly what those hoity-toity liberal elites dream about.


Human Jared Leto

The band’s most relatable quality is its authentically awful “experimentation” that is acknowledged, though not wholly absolved. Here were the elders, returned to stay away from the bright side after much fraught and remarked-upon time. And while we might like to return to the dynamism that stands in stark contrast to incredibly shitty cryptic narratives, the Clown Prince's over-sharing belies fury and embarrassment in equal measure. The intimacy approaches excessive volume.


Intruders, and Amnesty

The superhero stole the show by making a totally bizarre speech involving bananas, but I’m the one with the emotional problems. How do you keep worlds with compounding histories accessible to people getting something for nothing?

It may be thrilling to see an albatross get a job, and I’m happy. I had best friends who felt emotional. My dad doesn’t ever cry.


Nuclear Egg Milk

The chief of police has killed his partner and threatens to deliver hundreds of tons of food to appease the monster. A team from the police department is assigned to exterminate humanity, working in the shadows to replace natural immunity with artificial immunity for economic gains.

It had been years since the strange spirits bred in hell for the purpose of money laundering, bribery of the highest order and related illegal activities. What follows is a tangled web of terrible bloodlust and violent and terrible plans well set. People die in hospitals when the prognosis is they are well enough to go home.

A highly classified military experiment turns disastrous when men who will stop at nothing look deeper into the workings of a young woman who enters into the legal world and takes it by storm.


Gray Sequence of Poor Falconers

The old confusing young lady who breathes an atmosphere of awesome mystery becomes comfortable, and the mysterious drug addicts angrily burst out of the building looking fierce. Later on the new headmaster at the dark and dreadful school wears women's makeup and suffers from a seizure disorder brought on by a scientist who enlists unorthodox methods for treating phobias. Thereafter, the protagonist who relishes torment but disallows tenderness suffers more bloodshed and sadistic mischief and chaos. Throughout the night, they hold a young couple hostage after they stumble upon a deceased technology mogul and a beautiful widow.


Roof Company Guy

A BBC1 children's TV programme begins. Detective Mike Mason ventures into the city for a day of street skating and dresses in a mix of leather and Yves Saint Laurent, and believes that no one is full of interesting surprises. Now he is secretly tired of attempting to fulfill his narcissistic plan to live in luxury for the remainder of his life. What could possibility happen to a man who wants be the last person to see the vicar?


Cold and Presumably Startled

There’s a large gap between hospitality and friendship, and we are found dead - poisoned. We are hidden away in a magical metal box, which is a sensation that appeals to people in a way I don’t connect with. It feels like something adjacent to a cocktail of power and alienation. Eventually, my friends and I spy on everything the Creator inherited.


Happiness Creator

Many ancient cultures around the world believe that man-sized squirrels and woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers could travel to the edge of their universe without ships to carry them. They were all large. They could create matter with a strange metal, which is painfully difficult but not impossible. In the flamboyant town, three men in the car used the machine, an exceptionally advance piece of apparatus, on a living organism. Humans are having a difficult time dealing with the miniature theatre of our rush-rush lifestyle.


Magazine Cupid

I don’t know if anyone’s killed more civilians and innocent people than people who don’t feel that they have been properly represented on TV. As the government has tried to keep putting material out there, even if no one was paying, women continue to improvise with both celebrities who have no idea what’s going to happen and real people who are not actors.

You’re one of the only people who’s ever witnessed this ideology in action. If you’re on TV, you can’t bang the drum of war and simultaneously develop a dating app.


Pretty Nice Haircut

Renegade Russian and Chinese scientists drown in the biggest nightmare since the last big meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. The crew instantly boils into gas, which is hard to forget. They must now work together in order to harm the world. Working in the north, it was time to start traveling, to come to an understanding of how to recycle our bad decisions. The whole crew was real fortunate to have parents that allowed them to have a blast.


Location of Mineral Powder

The expertise of a terrifying local mystic was required in a criminal investigation. A police detective of great renown named Detective Paula Ramona was dispatched to seek the mystic's guidance.

The mystic lived in a ramshackle abandoned duplex on the city's east side past the frozen yogurt establishment. Detective Ramona considered stopping for a triple swirl on the way but concluded that a visit upon her successful meeting would be more appropriate. She had hair like a prize rabbit. She drove a blue police van with 23877 miles on the odometer.

The terrifying mystic reached into a rough orifice in a wall and produced a bag of onion snacks shortly after Detective Ramona's arrival. Upon opening the bag a delightful odor made itself apparent. Detective Ramona asked for a single snack but was not satisfied so the mystic offered her the entire bag.

To provide assistance, the mystic asked Detective Ramona to join him in the yard where his grand ritual gazebo stood. A hard wind from the south blew the nearly empty bag of snacks from the highly professional detective's grasp and also blew open the mystic's luxurious robe. Exposed to the light, the mystic's body became as the cosmos, a distant collection of light and matter melting forever into the eyes of its countless observers.

As the hard rain began to fall, Detective Ramona took the robe as her own to shield her from the frightful precipitation and as she walked downcast to the police van, a youth made fun of her "fancy poncho."

Coil Bucket Lock

A bird hugs a cool baby ox before submitting the manuscript to the company.

Until we can provide assistance to a hot-blooded scientist with extremely large funding, we cannot know what outcome will be. The company employs horrific nude people to evaluate all submissions and do it like experts.

The bird munches a lot of research on the journey to intelligence!


Kanye in Indiana?

As the opening credits roll, the voices of two young men can be heard, singing. They sing the Anthem of the State of Florida. A DJ in the corner pumps out some sweet jams and jellies as people mingle and dance. In the kitchen, Bernard rifles through the refrigerator. He finds a juice box amidst all the beer and takes it outside. Bernard approaches the doorway to the tiny bedroom. He stands there awkward and out of place like his body is 981 miles from his ghost.


So Codified, Like Eagle-Eyed Crabbers

I heard something very, very interesting on the news video. Senator Gail Vitamins spoke at a landscaping symposium about various foreign thugs' commitment to build an erect gazebo that spins, a delightfully frightening prospect for all our families. The refreshments, from beverages to desserts and all points in between, were made of beans (pro tip: you don’t want to be stuck in a ho-hum venue for your celebration). "The symposium had an exciting atmosphere," Sen. Vitamins claimed afterward. It is reported that she subsequently existed in many marvelous shapes and forms.


Casting Call for Short Film

Their obvious move is exposing how small our products are. The smart move is reminding us how much bigger our services are.

This is capital-B Business, baby! You come strapped and ready to serve up standard issue sauce packets or you stay hone under your cozy blanket.

Work hard, play hard. Suck your sack up into your tan slacks and ready yourself for the horny addressee.

Our country does not feel deadly to the millions of losers living in Michigan, putting together crummy furniture.


Daddy's Flash Drive

Quite a line: "Anyone who threatens our website, whether really smoking hot studs or completely fucking delicious hot guys or utterly ridiculous sexy blonde young fellows or homegrown slurp-worthy sex fiends, will always fail."

I find it to be able to make me feel like a frothing hot chieftain of commerce. I am a very nice and totally serious guy with heart from here to the coastal city and back. I am empowered to know this greasy slab of perpetual adoration is ready to protect our website from every sweet luscious penis-flaunting beefcake that dares step up to it.


Silent Mutilation

You just know that a lot of goons will watch this video and hear that laugh in the main guy's voice when he talks about their normal routine and it will drive them nuts. The little laugh in my favorite character's voice as he savages the most annoying small dog's business career is going to drive every interested mayor, sheriff, and state's attorney absolutely insane.

Dawg... This happy dude has one more time to laugh at the notion of agony and substantial breakfast stuff before I die, right here in my house.


Hump for Protein

My ritual is working. The sky defrags, my voice becomes available, the chanting dopes shut the fuck up. In a local market, three little temporary youths soil the best friend's phone. A couple months pass, a husband discovers five bucks in a forgotten fist, an opportunity to further enhance a lot of damage arises. In a local police station, a few police officers from Florida operate a great pleasure machine. Aluminum foil and more importantly rubber products gain access to greater value. Oblong utensils vibrate constantly. All of the children I have known understand the importance of being able to make sure a lot of people in this country are making a decision.


Vanilla Handler

For millions of obscene Americans accused of inherent corruption, a proud ass-kicking scam artist is probably the best. Which would really piss me off except I just remembered that I maintain critical boldness and volume when presented good propaganda. I am unfeminine and inappropriately aggressive.


Money Guy

I strongly recommend reading the collected works of a fascinating but also crass, clueless, and stunningly incompatible insurgent who has on multiple occasions been perfectly happy to maintain surprisingly large delusions about why many progressives will be astonished at the very thought of forcing conservatives to pretend the deviant collective concerns of silly people who make demands of popular Republicans and other fawning government officials are significantly more egregious than ludicrous celebrities.


Spud Fork in the Afternoon

After traveling the world, an old foe that creeps into hostile land filled with exceptional egomaniacs, self-important children, normal people, prostitution, and private investigators asks his nephew, Greg, to find the high school track team. Greg must cope with a fracturing fantasy of money and the fiscal hierarchy it engenders. With a father who has mysteriously been missing for eight years, Greg violently crumbles in expensive suits.


The Benefits of a High-End Magazine

Follow the residents to be absorbed before killing everyone. Complete an alternative top-secret poetic intrigue. You will be enlightened when you travel through what remains of the bedroom.

The people of Alaska don’t survive in a harsh backward world with sorcerers, black-powder weapons, sex trafficking, rampant vampires, deep oceans, and evil entities.


Debug Bro

A former gang member causes a massive green cloud to escape from a mountain cave. It is a joyful day when a group of desperate people are blighted with commercialized romance. Terrified, they discover wisdom from an exciting enemy.

A fifty-six-year-old treasure hunter encounters fireflies for the first time, and begins learning about a bank's computer system. He has no family and is a very lonely man. One morning he decides to buy an old car, use the name Andy instead of Andrew, and become a new man. His grammar is spoken in the way young kids talk.

Strangers are appearing at school.

Greatest Letterhead

Rocco is a twenty-four-year-old son of a devilishly clever husband. Rocco is forced to encounter a scheming Southern belle with a four-year-old sister. A riveting pursuit will lead to dodging her mother and tweeting contamination reports. Rocco hears flies and bugs buzzing their wings as maggots land in his hair. A boy who is not older than six who explores a world that is pure hell. Meanwhile, the scheming Southern belle with a four-year-old sister is testing the waters with a potential romance with the vicious psychopath who specializes in roaring through the mountains.


Detail Flip

Smart, skilled, scheming, the amazing fifty-five year old man excited me. Yesterday, a man savored the essence of fortuitous tongue inheritance.

One of four devious, powerful men had started destroying a college spring break trip. An American paratrooper just finished complaining about horrendous flashbacks of the most beautiful pineapple.

At the wedding of a bright and successful physical therapist and an enraged desk clerk, a resident of Utah goes for a stroll and finds romance with the cowboy rancher. They create an economically viable small suburban town.


Froo Sheg Weeb

Crack cracker. Milk loaf of locust. Learn his love. Obey the body and interior light. When harm occasionally gets apparent, delete this normalcy. Blister floor with flesh pad. Regard proof. Order your malice cautiously.


The Applause of Obstruction

Between the years 2008 to 2016, murders happened in a distorted world where the innocent are preyed upon by both law and those who disregard it. I have been observing the developments even if others find it a bit strange or weird. With no idea whether a rescue will ever come, I yearn for imaginary pictures that create the best possible history more effectively and predictably with far greater success than before. I see you've also been invited to neighborhoods that were never imaginary or true.


Aligned with a Former West End Actor

Gwenyth stumbles across a stunning nude portrait, a striking portrait of a nude woman uniting spiritual and human sides of nature. Tucked into the frame, she discovers an ancient map that leads her to a hidden book in Missouri.

The book tells the story of the taut and perilous strategies common to all for-profit, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations, regardless of their size. The book is very practical and is based on compulsive behaviors such as divorce, abuse of various kinds, organization management, and research & development. The framework is dynamic in that there is a new world culture, depicting all other cultures and perspectives as inferior.


Endemic Behavior Handbook

A young aspiring restaurant owner put a smile on a lovely, kindhearted, and philosophical goat’s face. She is so smart and so ruthless that she blames the majority of our social problems worldwide on the focus of our present educational institutions on fanciful and sometimes comic eroticism. She and her highly imaginative partner Guillame procure large round gaudy sunglasses - plus bright yellow pants and yellow high heeled boots.

Every fairy tale has an ending, and I must speak about the children and the unscrupulous intellect and the caring heart.


Team Calcium Alarm

Designer's top fashions and slippery utensils, together at last...

I carry excavated pleasure and creamy philosophy. I also carry a tote bag I received during an uncertain retail experience. I swing the sturdy little bag to and fro as I walk, occasionally breaking branches of ornamental shrubs or cracking horny agents of perpetual lamentation in the noggin. Eventually I figure out the way home. It happens the same way every day. Thanks again for all of the reasons why I can't believe in different ways to be a problem.

The chocolate and the best tasting bread is in a box somewhere in the yard and I will probably find it soon.


Gravel Brisket

In my work I have carefully researched a mysterious mastermind who is a living testament to sporadic outbursts of warfare. After seizing power in northern England, he met a young man who became intrigued by a young lady he met at an inn.

When a shocking courtroom decision causes the unification of world religion and secular culture, they have terrifying encounters with cavern-dwelling creatures who emerge from their caverns at night to scour the countryside in search of food, which includes humans.


The Cartoon Doomsday

The restaurant’s general manager has never been the most popular guy in Pennsylvania. Obviously, that’s because the only payment he really needs is the deliciously bitchy thrill he gets when he feels everyone’s heart rate jump after he pushes hilariously drunken beautiful people into tearful circumstances. The pleasure of this is pill-and-booze-fueled trouble. A nagging question occurs. Is extinction imminent for this miniature celebrity-voiced adult and his half-assed domesticated wildlife?

Smoking Piñata

One day a morally neutral robot sat all by himself on a bomb. It isn’t hard to imagine that. It's banal. The robot, dangerous and frightening, can think and feel the way youngins do. I believe it fills the space left absent by the cynical and vicious at-risk kids who got to watch the Radiohead concert with Edward Norton.


The Yellow Square

How will you sleep? How will you find the unknown sanctuary? I will find myself curled like a frothing bryophyte, switching spirits with subfloor dwellers, the things we ignore in their lives of perpetual compression.

I will breathe the spore-laden air in hidden pockets of human habitation, knowing myself anew, knowing myself as a pathogen.

When Families are Gutsy Masters of Fast Automobiles

Specialists who want to navigate the pitfalls of sociopathic tricks fake their own deaths. A genius begins the most legendary new threat to the ultra-conservative stunts of the completely ruthless nymphomaniacs. But costs are ridiculous, and a teen with an uncertain future is happy to provide an illegal supply of magical blood.


Twenty Looks for a Day of Dreadful Bargain Hunting

Here is the detective's loft. It is a crime scene where some killers killed a man from a reputable organization in the office building next door. It is currently for rent. You should stay right here.

I suggest you kill people for money, write a new type of dubiously erotic novel, or work for an online marketing company. Stay in this loft until you begin feeling affection for art and music. Your family might send the occasional message via Yahoo's new chat service, do be sure to get the internet hooked up and create a free Yahoo account.

Part of you will never get back home.

I never found my way back either. I've been thinking about it since my son messed around with the pitcher on the baseball team. I feel like I was not able to stop them from doing that stuff.

Purity Puppet

Do you want to or need to go out? We can't control this wild lotion that seeps from this rent concrete. So the lonely beauty and the middle aged man with the unseen body coax excuses out of us. They say our attention is highly appreciated. It's time for the teeth.

Midwest Water Modules


suck the sack 5: Afternoon Someplace

You leave a mark on the ceramic tile
Aware of it and dimly amused
There will be a concerted effort tomorrow
Concerning this mark
Next to the mirror is a fixture
Intended to bear various utensils
It is going to fall soon
There will be a noise
It will startle the residents of this place
But you will be gone by then
You will own a new aggregation of thoughts
Away under the unauthorized infrastructure
There will be needs there
And no one to fill them

Pining for Comedies

Much has been made of the people in student groups, but the originality they have is constantly a source of information. Most originate in the fourth-largest population center in Canada. Most of the members of the groups are responsible for an administrative entity seeking to affect the public good.

My own family is doing well. Most of my favorite recipes come from my phone. I have to give thanks to the people in the future.

Locker Room Backlash

What does the wolf do? In 1999, when the first rival’s embrace brought out a streak of avarice that was unappealing in children, he trumpeted the victories. But there is a problem. It’s not really the violence he and his supporters chose not to report to the world of the game. It's something else. A representative for a boy in the real world in which they lived had come into his office white as a ghost and said he just saw a 9-year-old in New York possibly abusing a cunning granny!


Cargo Pants Consultation

There’s a young man in a retail uniform buying a hot dog on the corner and his best friend is watching my hand as it moves across his cheeks just loudly enough for us to hear. This man identifies himself as my father, a true friend in this place, removed from the city, in these wild woods, like a shadow in my peripheral vision. At that moment, I am an unpaved laughter killed by a city, an internet buddy from millions of years hence fluent in languages we can’t imagine, encased in a matrix older than the words we use for an act of sacrificial generosity.


Red Character

Socks on a rhinoceros, I love you. Socks on a rabbit. I'll take it. I'll catch it.

Smile. The girl with curly hair is smiling. You can see her teeth. Do you smile like this?

Socks, blue socks you wear. Mother will be home when the snow falls. A rabbit will go backwards. We whistle and I have a good time.


I can tell about the newly purchased and fully fantastically furnished domicile now that the non-disclosure agreement is expired, bro.

Corn bread and corn dog on the plate, corn mash and corn soup in the pot by the plate, corn treats and corn juice sitting on the granite countertops we demanded when we purr-chased this tasteful bungalow on the gentrified industrial corridor west of Arby's. Corn-colored couch and corn-colored curtains in the humid living room. Corn-scented linens and corn-flavored soaps in the master suite. Corn-shaped pleasure toys in the drawer next to the hot yellow mattress pedestal in the master suite. A painting of a corn-smoking corn-man's field of good GMO corn on the wall above the mattress pedestal that is covered in corn-scented linens colored hot yellow in the master suite.

We are anthropomorphic cats which explains the odd usage of "purr-chased" in the preceding purr-agraph. Anthropomorphic cats who love the corn

Hollywood’s Championships and Clinical Sponge

Congratulations, greedy mums & children. Your creation myths retooled four self-involved New Yorkers.

Once upon a time, it was possible to complete history. The rough parity of lives and thoughts usually featured hateful historic tidbits that illustrate the diluted soporific behavior. The first eight minutes, while he still had two legs, lips, tongue, and teeth, could empower his team and his country. Luckily for fans, I felt a sputtering incoherence. The devoted fan could obscure his human qualities.

The Most Overexposed & Overstudied Powerhouse

I thought it'd go nicely with trouble paying for much of anything since 2012. If you're anything like me - the stupendous fiscal crisis keenly felt - a bony tail will be a great metaphor for much of the same background info. Boy, was I wrong about chronically short sunlight and chemicals! I'm not boasting, I'm legitimately curious. To my knowledge this is a rather unusual period in cornball and whacky highway calamities. As many expected, the quiet board game legislators have bartered for absolutely active, muscular and modern-looking holes.



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Literally Children of the Cloud

The thing that seemingly everyone abruptly produced makes the otherwise intense stargazing logical. Love it or hate it, mystery feels like an extraneous ass. And we don’t even get a collaboration between a pretty brutal singer and some flabby king of post-apocalypse Las Vegas. It's insane, almost every vocal activist for animal rights was giving away apples to a needy family. For all his idiocy and lack of higher functions, the hooker with a heart of gold is twice the size of a shrieking and freaking unseen goth.


Lost Blue Things, Recognized

Do not write about a memory, or a cluster of memories, or a tangle or wad or wound of them. Don't think about those people whose faces are all swapping pieces and whose voices are cresting waves of white noise. This is all pixels and magnetic witchcraft. The only rule you have to follow is the one painted in red paint on the glass above you, the cracking glass covered in birdshit, dissolving.

Lie on your back on the tortured concrete of this place, feel the garbage of this life press into your back flesh, masturbate furiously, masturbate with panic in your eyes, masturbate until you get hungry then go eat something, drink something, engage in whatever self-care practices will bring you peace.


Hat Flogger

This is chiefly about the way a father carries a fleshy burden, a factory of grief. The fathers I know treat it as a curiosity, an entity entirely separate, a haunting.

Artist's rendition of the unholy fig

Mother digs her fingernails into the soft corpus until father squeals. We silently watch.


Salami Rebel

This is NOT a joke! Salami Rebel is the next Health Worldwide record and it will be



Tuck In Sam

Cock in the fabric, can it feel the subtle pressure of diversity? Say hello to a troll and fuck the same thing again and again until I get back.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please let me know if I could get some more time to do it for you. Please do not forget how to lose a little bit of history. Thread a length of prayer through the hot hole in your system. Immediately notify me about this. Immediately reply to your manager.

There is no joke that can help you build your face.

Hubris Because of My Location

Real estate is not the intended pleasure. My name is a very long word. I will not save this property.

So I should leave it to the most accurate ghost. I have not been able to make a payment. Half of my friends have not been able to make a good friend.

So we create two known people and free them from this property. Then me and my family drop from our hotel windows and really enjoy the weekend.

Kink is Beyond Me

A soldier and a couple of small business owners walk into a room. The soldier becomes a doctor because of the humidity. The couple find themselves drawn closer to each other until their flesh merges and they have a nice new name, Coleman.

When Coleman sees the doctor in his own personal journey, he is not a good candidate for people. The doctor seems like a problem. The doctor knows how to get a free meal from a friend. Coleman puts the young man into a big tank and fills it with grammar. The doctor becomes more like a dream.

Th e On ly Z o ne W it h E rr o rs

The default web design we tend to be is also natural. Unless we get a new form from the office, none of us can be found. Police drive in circles here, from the other side of things to this place where you can see below the mental condition. The only thing I would like to know is when the engine is going to be something more. Then I will be free and big.

You, my first baby, can be purchased. You, my first child, will be quiet.

Tongs in the Blood Pot

Cool, I think the best little damaged utensils are lost. The rule I follow in slowly dying situations like this is that I can get a new job, but only after I load fat loaves of prey into my account. The following user says that the best way to get back to the inbox is to work with a dilated part of a young man. I am looking forward to hearing back from a different one. I am looking forward to seeing everyone on the phone. I am going through a series of events and no longer have the same room. I am using Windows.


Yellow Finger

As Danny was driving to his first day at his new job, he listened to National Public Radio. Three very intelligent people were discussing the evolution of the American retail landscape. It was during this discussion that Danny first heard the term “big box.” Indeed, his destination on this day was a “big box store,” Finlay Supermarts. As its stately profile loomed over the asphalt horizon, he understood the term.

But his attention was quickly snatched away by the asphalt itself. It was new and black, and a frightening old clean purple man in a Cubs hat was painting fresh yellow lines for the parking spaces. When Danny had been here last, just a week earlier, the asphalt was faded and stained by the dozen and two chemicals that drip from cars when their structural integrity fails, due to time or poor maintenance. In the meantime, it had been stripped and repaved by machines working under lights on tall poles, in the shadows of five hundred moths.

The clean purple man was almost done with his job. He only had a few handicapped spaces to finish. When Danny got out of his car, he stared for a moment at the bold yellow lines against the super-black asphalt and he was seduced by the succulence of the meat of his country, just as he was by the smell of bank lobbies and turned soil. He kicked the sole of his shoe against the asphalt, rough and hungry to soak up sunlight, then against the yellow line, smooth and full of the friction of the skin of the forearm. He left a scuff behind, but he wasn’t the first. Most of the lines were marred by the treads of tires. It was then that he unlocked his car and searched under the seats for his Polaroid camera. From that moment on, he took a close-up photograph of the parking lot every day that he worked. He created a record of the slow fade of man’s work on Earth. The sun sucked the black out of the asphalt the way the color is sucked from an icy-freeze drink, leaving behind pale green, pink, or purple ice which is no good for eating and must be dumped so the plastic cup(1) holding it can be washed out and used again, only so the relentless cycle of filling, emptying, and washing could sap its color, as well.

As Danny walked toward the store, he noticed that the clean purple man was turned away from him, having moved his operation to the parking spaces in front of the next store in this snaking strip of thriving businesses(2). Danny had showered right before leaving the house, and the breeze through his car window was fresh and satisfying. Now, with the attention of the clean purple man diverted, he wanted to feel the new yellow line with his own skin and not that of the black shoes he had bought in compliance with the Finlay dress code. Danny bent down and dragged his finger over the yellow, and found that it was a very fresh line, just put down by the clean purple’s snorting machine. His first instinct was to rub his finger against his thumb, but he resisted. He had nothing with which to remove the paint. He would wait until he got to the break room, where he could wash in the employee sink.

Danny walked through the first automatic door, into the vestibule, and through the second automatic door, and once inside the store he was accosted merrily by Teddy, one of the CSMs(3). Teddy was a husky handsome guy with cornrows and big muscular arms. He grabbed Danny around the chest and jumped off the diving board into the world of Finlay.

As they were falling, Teddy held Danny up like a newborn baby, like his own newborn baby, as if to say, “This is my one child, world, behold.” The rush of faces and name tags were like drops of syrup on his tongue, absorbed in a burst of flavor and instantly forgotten. Danny was a goldfish(4) in a bowl trembling with the thunderous laughter of his guide. Teddy told him that work here was like play because of all the great people to work with and the fun they had.

Another factor in Danny’s lack of focus during his orientation was the yellow paint on his finger, by now completely dry and therefore not easily washed off. He’d hidden it in the pocket of his jacket, but when Teddy handed Danny his W-4 tax form, there was nothing he could do to hide it. Teddy saw it and with a gust of laughter nicknamed Danny “Yellowfinger.” It stuck, and Danny became famous for some other stuff after he left Finlay's, and when he was buried, his gravestone was a limestone finger with a yellow tip. When necessary, the paint is refreshed by the progeny of his greatest nemesis.

Little Numbers

1.Teams of men and women work for long hours in air-conditioned rooms to compose the bright colors and attention-commanding text of the plastic fast-food cup.

2.The local economy was breathing deep and laughing now, and stores like Finlay were sucking up new hires greedily, whacking steadily away at stacks of dusty applications, tossing out the ones whose submitters had long ago changed addresses and telephone numbers. Store managers shared stories in the bars and restaurants where they congregated after work, stories of new hires both competent and incompetent, new hires who would never understand the corporate culture and those who seemed prepackaged for their new places of employment specifically. Those who didn’t fit the pants, as the managers said, were moved to the night-crew, a group wholly devoted to the maintenance of inventory and up-keep of the store, a droopy-minded bunch with lockers full of powdered Gatorade and Doral cigarettes and scuffed old high-top sneakers.

3.“CSM” meant Customer Service Manager, and was the halfway point between the hourly associates and management. If a CSM had a good manager, he or she could expect to be groomed for an assistant manager position, either in their store or another. Finlay Supermarts in particular prided itself on nurturing its own talent. Lucky and industrious CSMs were the first to be considered for transfers to other cities, where they would earn higher wages and find their possibilities for sexual encounters widened considerably. This was Teddy’s story. He’d been transferred from store 590, in the next region over. Since beginning at store 286, he’d experienced a true sexual renaissance. Had Danny been more observant and less confused as he was being shepherded past cashiers and sales associates, he might have noticed the carnal bond between Teddy and a half dozen of their female coworkers. The way their gazes dragged when they met. Indeed, though Danny greatly enjoyed Teddy’s companionship and felt at ease in conversation with him, he harbored a pinch of envy in a little leather pouch hanging in the shadows below his heart. Women, they felt comfortable around Danny and liked to hug him or make jokes of a comically sexual nature. But with Teddy, they had brief, serious exchanges in empty aisles and next to sweaty cars after the store closed. It was never anything more than that, not anywhere near the store, for Teddy was professional. But Danny speculated on the private lives of his coworkers daily.

4.Danny’s first pet was a goldfish named Russell. Russell shared his bowl with a green translucent rock with rough edges, the way obsidian breaks, but you could tell by an equatorial seam that it was molded, and you could read on the bottom that it came from a factory in Lookingglass, Tennessee. Teddy’s step-great uncle Harmony Charwell was born in Lookingglass and spent his formative years there. When he was ten, the family house was burned to the ground because of the Ku Klux Klan. The family stayed with Uncle Bernard until the new house was built. Harmony and his cousin Wilbur were forced to share a room, and late at night they would compare their bodies. For Wilbur it was just play. For Harmony, it was a sort of sexual scribbling, testing color and texture, shape and quality of light. He ran his crayon outside the lines, haphazardly, clumsily. Then he tired of coloring books and longed for clean naked paper as big as the sky and a crayon that could in a single mighty stroke connect Tokyo and Nashville.


Ditch of Irritation

A car driver is startled by the way a male deer fucks a doe in the middle of a paved road

The car driver's trunk is filled with oblong utensils

The male deer fucks the doe fast

The car driver is so fast he knocks the male deer and the doe it is fucking into a ditch

The male deer is bleeding and now is fucking a dead doe

Half of the oblong utensils are smashed and worthless now

The driver realizes a sharp pine branch has obliterated his eye and the heat of the half-blind night is overwhelming

The driver stumbles into the ditch and comes to rest in a bed of irritating weeds

The male deer fucks to completion and now some of its sperm is in the dead doe

Confusion is felt as the male deer regards the injured car driver and an emergency man drives past on his way to another crisis

The male deer is barely injured and awkwardly removes himself from the ditch with the irritating weeds where the car driver reclines in pain

The male deer flees in search of another doe to fuck

The car driver waits amidst hallucinating heat and irritating vegetation

The car driver reclines in pain, pondering who can fuck, where they can fuck, and values of busted oblong utensils

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Grandma surfaces briefly. Our simple and beautiful dialogue just feels a little random. Somewhere, subdued companionship lives as a series of short moments, playing with a goldmine of tangents of consciousness. It’s a largely stationary flashback. The entire feeling is so broad that it mostly just passes into an ending.