Location of Mineral Powder

The expertise of a terrifying local mystic was required in a criminal investigation. A police detective of great renown named Detective Paula Ramona was dispatched to seek the mystic's guidance.

The mystic lived in a ramshackle abandoned duplex on the city's east side past the frozen yogurt establishment. Detective Ramona considered stopping for a triple swirl on the way but concluded that a visit upon her successful meeting would be more appropriate. She had hair like a prize rabbit. She drove a blue police van with 23877 miles on the odometer.

The terrifying mystic reached into a rough orifice in a wall and produced a bag of onion snacks shortly after Detective Ramona's arrival. Upon opening the bag a delightful odor made itself apparent. Detective Ramona asked for a single snack but was not satisfied so the mystic offered her the entire bag.

To provide assistance, the mystic asked Detective Ramona to join him in the yard where his grand ritual gazebo stood. A hard wind from the south blew the nearly empty bag of snacks from the highly professional detective's grasp and also blew open the mystic's luxurious robe. Exposed to the light, the mystic's body became as the cosmos, a distant collection of light and matter melting forever into the eyes of its countless observers.

As the hard rain began to fall, Detective Ramona took the robe as her own to shield her from the frightful precipitation and as she walked downcast to the police van, a youth made fun of her "fancy poncho."