Ditch of Irritation

A car driver is startled by the way a male deer fucks a doe in the middle of a paved road

The car driver's trunk is filled with oblong utensils

The male deer fucks the doe fast

The car driver is so fast he knocks the male deer and the doe it is fucking into a ditch

The male deer is bleeding and now is fucking a dead doe

Half of the oblong utensils are smashed and worthless now

The driver realizes a sharp pine branch has obliterated his eye and the heat of the half-blind night is overwhelming

The driver stumbles into the ditch and comes to rest in a bed of irritating weeds

The male deer fucks to completion and now some of its sperm is in the dead doe

Confusion is felt as the male deer regards the injured car driver and an emergency man drives past on his way to another crisis

The male deer is barely injured and awkwardly removes himself from the ditch with the irritating weeds where the car driver reclines in pain

The male deer flees in search of another doe to fuck

The car driver waits amidst hallucinating heat and irritating vegetation

The car driver reclines in pain, pondering who can fuck, where they can fuck, and values of busted oblong utensils

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