I can tell about the newly purchased and fully fantastically furnished domicile now that the non-disclosure agreement is expired, bro.

Corn bread and corn dog on the plate, corn mash and corn soup in the pot by the plate, corn treats and corn juice sitting on the granite countertops we demanded when we purr-chased this tasteful bungalow on the gentrified industrial corridor west of Arby's. Corn-colored couch and corn-colored curtains in the humid living room. Corn-scented linens and corn-flavored soaps in the master suite. Corn-shaped pleasure toys in the drawer next to the hot yellow mattress pedestal in the master suite. A painting of a corn-smoking corn-man's field of good GMO corn on the wall above the mattress pedestal that is covered in corn-scented linens colored hot yellow in the master suite.

We are anthropomorphic cats which explains the odd usage of "purr-chased" in the preceding purr-agraph. Anthropomorphic cats who love the corn