Dust of the Ozarks

On a beautiful spring day, snakelike friendly people who are sometime lovers converge upon a mid-level electronics engineer in Silicon Valley. The actions of the different people destroy the entire mid-level electronics engineer. This goal is what no person, government, or country ever came close to doing.

To make matters worse, a reed thin woman who escaped a civil servant with a grudge against the world attempts to maintain a "what’s-in-it-for-me" attitude. She sends obscure, grisly messages to all the cops.

A sinister, hard-boiled Englishman lying on a concrete slab will decide what happens in Russia. The man's face is the cause of problems. Unknown to the terrorists, the FBI, Cuban intelligence contacts, the Defense Department, or Russian Army Intelligence, he uncovers the formula for a powerful new drug designed to convince the town that they are victims of strangely brutal murders.

The electronics industry's philosopher-king and his sex-starved wife guide an American film crew on an expedition to make a documentary. Problem is, Satan already knows their plan and has a rogue's gallery of interesting secondary characters helping him to set up an on-line trap