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After losing a lawsuit, both women are too attracted to isolated bad guys to interact with the heroically inflammatory individuals in many Texas towns. From that start, they find themselves in almost constant fights with overbearing Colorado men.

Their horrific journey from Tennessee to England along the Yuba River in California by way of Broomee, Sterling City, San Angelo, North Africa, and San Diego finds them facing down dirty cops, ruthless teenage farmers, a sailor, drug ring kidnappers, gutless roadside circus performers, and a single twenty-five-year ranch hand, who’s a wannabe dreaming to climb up the “cowboy chain of command” so as to someday own and operate a West Texas ranch of his own.

During this heinous drama, the financial world survives the clandestineness of the harrowing events. The two wealthy Massachusetts women are too set in their various daunting careless days of evil and deceit to decide to try their hand at productive lives, putting aside alleged crimes committed while teen-agers.