The Bombing of Murderous Enemies

Yesterday we either helped people of various lifestyle situations, sparked the beginning of emotionally touching moments, or assumed the identity of a deceased private investigator. The set up is perfect for playing with local authorities.

Apparently, no one's telling the mafia princess about the futility of suffering or the simpler life. She has always excelled in everything she does. The futility of suffering is never an issue because of the cheating, lying, and cunningness of the wealthy land-grabbers of the past. The simpler life is an explosive, thought-provoking confrontation of ultimate human deception. She is not interested in getting involved in some crazy international incident.

A man known only as Alfredo, the man she hoped to marry, is rumored to be a captive of the first woman mayor of Birch Bay, a small town in northern Minnesota. In the midst of cheating, lying, and cunningness, two people are shot, triggering a visit by evil in its vilest form. This evil has been nurtured by a devilish handsome young man with an agenda.

Absorbing, thought provoking, and bristling with stunning ferocity, this is not a conducive environment in which to make obviously correct decisions.