Elliptical Stratigraphic Pulsings of Different Temperatures

This is a kingdom. Some different kinds of animals live where those really big plants are, where there are clouds on the ground sometimes and where there are smells we can keep in the soft recesses of our bodies' insides. There is some water in some different places and when we drink it, some of it helps us see the King's Colors and some of it makes the things in our mouths do hard sounds. Some of the water hides dead animals and food no one wants.

Some of the King's Garments are hot like sun blood and the suffering is intense. The suffering is in the animals and the big plants, in the water and the dead animals, in the food and in the clouds on the ground, and in our softest recesses and in our homes.

We burned our homes and we only stop when our bodies force sleep on us and the dreams are full of the King's Words.