Ditch of Irritation

A car driver is startled by the way a male deer fucks a doe in the middle of a paved road

The car driver's trunk is filled with oblong utensils

The male deer fucks the doe fast

The car driver is so fast he knocks the male deer and the doe it is fucking into a ditch

The male deer is bleeding and now is fucking a dead doe

Half of the oblong utensils are smashed and worthless now

The driver realizes a sharp pine branch has obliterated his eye and the heat of the half-blind night is overwhelming

The driver stumbles into the ditch and comes to rest in a bed of irritating weeds

The male deer fucks to completion and now some of its sperm is in the dead doe

Confusion is felt as the male deer regards the injured car driver and an emergency man drives past on his way to another crisis

The male deer is barely injured and awkwardly removes himself from the ditch with the irritating weeds where the car driver reclines in pain

The male deer flees in search of another doe to fuck

The car driver waits amidst hallucinating heat and irritating vegetation

The car driver reclines in pain, pondering who can fuck, where they can fuck, and values of busted oblong utensils

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Grandma surfaces briefly. Our simple and beautiful dialogue just feels a little random. Somewhere, subdued companionship lives as a series of short moments, playing with a goldmine of tangents of consciousness. It’s a largely stationary flashback. The entire feeling is so broad that it mostly just passes into an ending.


Dust of the Ozarks

On a beautiful spring day, snakelike friendly people who are sometime lovers converge upon a mid-level electronics engineer in Silicon Valley. The actions of the different people destroy the entire mid-level electronics engineer. This goal is what no person, government, or country ever came close to doing.

To make matters worse, a reed thin woman who escaped a civil servant with a grudge against the world attempts to maintain a "what’s-in-it-for-me" attitude. She sends obscure, grisly messages to all the cops.

A sinister, hard-boiled Englishman lying on a concrete slab will decide what happens in Russia. The man's face is the cause of problems. Unknown to the terrorists, the FBI, Cuban intelligence contacts, the Defense Department, or Russian Army Intelligence, he uncovers the formula for a powerful new drug designed to convince the town that they are victims of strangely brutal murders.

The electronics industry's philosopher-king and his sex-starved wife guide an American film crew on an expedition to make a documentary. Problem is, Satan already knows their plan and has a rogue's gallery of interesting secondary characters helping him to set up an on-line trap


Many Scared Clams

Something about the mule was most outrageous. Raising his head, he peeped over the kid and let loose with a blast from his smooth flute. Raising his head once more he demanded meth.

At the same time, a woodsman jumped off the motorcycle and glided through the air with the aid of a black leather cape. The mule thrust a wicked sword at the mysterious man in the black cape and put it in his face. He proudly stroked the lumberjack, demanding to have his way.



My writings are designed to be retained throughout the maturation process.

From the moment the aggressive lesson begins, students thirst for ungodly completion.

Blessed are those who have difficulty dealing with their bad breath and other people’s.

Once they learned desire, the recipients of disaster seemed to be quite absurd.

I share my experiences from when I was detecting deception in real estate.


Crankshaft the Comic Strip

The contributions of women to optimize exciting explorations into building authentic comprehension have provided an in-depth merger of spiritual activities. Younger women become exceptional with transparency. How can you be in your twenties and comfortable in erotic opportunities?

Become an initiate, and use consistent astrological tools that give greater control of new products, services and experiences. Policymakers maximize inescapable attire.


Boom Flava Threesome

No one was ready for the totally amorphous writers to split the coherent trauma of dead infidelity. It’s yet another example of inscrutable faith-based television.

This hiatus of extortion is a terrible idea. Specifically, I think I had resented the sequenced collection of reliably enjoyable machinations.

Look, maybe I’m forgetting something like an epic sex marathon or illicit spiritual leverage. Apparently I’m not exactly afflicted with visions.


Fruit Fat

Max is turning into a ravenous beast whose demise could easily be at the hands of the magical cat with the disarming smile or a cussing and yelling elderly lady in a flowered dress. A strange man appears and tells Max he will learn about prison. Max keeps an old promise, resulting in the death of superhuman entities.


Christmas Bungalo Implosion

Spirit guides and guardian angels have embraced foreign monsters. But love and friendship abide and through all their endeavors and hardships they aspire to the realms of steamy, hot and powerful, erotic love.

Finding himself caught in a quarantined universe, God has avoided meaningful ways to deal with and eventually move beyond the great heights of superstardom. After exposure to genetic hardships, He feels just plain crazy.

Satan's plans depend on the continued oppression of families, children, parents, friends, Sunday school teachers, ministers, group workers, prison workers, or anyone involved with of depravity. Trouble finds him in the form of bullies.


Burning Garland Trolley

There is a poor but proud gingerbread army standing in the strange gothic house with a terrible history. Frustrated that they have been making the same mistakes generation after generation, a plan is devised.

During the Christmas Festival, they place a powerful drug in the ancient cradle of the human race. It is necessary. They must outwit, outfly, outfight, and outmatch ruthless space pirates divided by stubborn pride and differences of opinion and trapped in an ancient temple and what unfolds is nothing short of a miracle.

Relentlessly festive throughout, the poor but proud gingerbread army extend the life of one of their order to become best friends.

Conversations ensue between parents and siblings awaiting for apathy and neglect.


Holly Jolly Bluetooth Enabled Underwear

Can a chimp-breeding farmer and a weird first born drummer forgive my little family? I told the old lady how my inner sanctum, which was not posh, had changed for the better. I noticed that she was probably a different color. I wondered about that. I crouched behind one of the cypress planks, but avoided wearing a wig. I saw the shy footprints of Grandpa near the timber wall where I saw fruitcakes. I had not ignored death.

I will never waste your time with thinly disguised heroic porn. I will never publish anything I do not think is politically incorrect.


Nativity in a Hat

A pity men like requisite beautiful co-workers serve no useful purpose in the Christmas hierarchy, but work for a familiar perceptible angst. Old mavens of fame and admiration wish to weirdly create snakes. Nature has gone wild and it gets serious worldwide.

As a world is choked by corporations' pollution and unfettered degradation, a corporate megalomaniac incarnates the body of a gorgeous woman. When all is said and done, a humorous Christmas Eve nativity service is instantly transported into an environment where a purple monster is in danger.


Christmas Tree Fury

Among the adults are a cantankerous slob who denies she needs glasses, a snooty businessman, the daughter of a San Francisco flower child, an aged great aunt, and several military law breakers. Each is infected as they plan a fun picnic together.

There is nothing like handmade holiday hostilities. On Christmas Eve late at night, the situation goes downhill as a short-lived calamity euthanizes the reality and truthfulness of Christmas.

A horse that was in the front of a scientist is melting. The big surprise is a large orange orb known as a belated grief sprout. According to the cats, precious ones will find themselves coming back.

The sea makes a special musical sound. It is a weird looking forest.