Cosmik Wolfpack Recorded Entertainments

Based in Bloomington, Indiana in the great American midwest, Cosmik Wolfpack has been a veritable fountain of emotional strength and heart-healing inspiration since 2008 AD. Through poetic writings and thought-provoking design, Cosmik Wolfpack seems to have insinuated itself into its readers' lives so thoroughly that nary a day passes without inquisitive missives from professional marketing businesspeople demanding to glean the secret techniques we employ. How does such a humble midwestern outfit command such loyalty worldwide?

The simple answer is that we aren't entirely sure how it's happened, but with the kind of depth only known in the Hoosier's heart, we thank our adherents. But words of gratitude are insufficient. In an audacious move, we have decided to expand our scope. The inexplicably resonant global brand of Cosmik Wolfpack is cutting the ribbon on its new audio division, Cosmik Wolfpack Recorded Entertainments.

From the beginnings of his musical career in the Chicagoland region of Indiana, Cosmik Wolfpack founder Davor Fodd has has been releasing music under the beloved Health Worldwide name since 1999 AD. It is therefore wholly appropriate that this midwestern US musical solo project should be the very first act signed to Cosmik Wolfpack Recorded Entertainments. With celebrated releases under his belt at such storied labels as Toilville and Flannelgraph, Health Worldwide was pumped and primed to be the perfect way to inaugurate this new era of the Cosmik Wolfpack Brand.

Cosmik Wolfpack Recorded Entertainments Official Discography

CWRE01 The Gulf War Syndrome: Original Score

CWRE02 Snacks and Milk EP

CWRE03 A Fairly Accurate Accounting of Shit That Recently Went Down Inside the Sandwich Chamber

CWRE04 Gross Paste

CWRE05 Grunge Thugs: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

CWRE06 Slow Swarm

CWRE07 Deadly Weirdo

Extremely Important Legal Disclaimer

Cosmik Wolfpack Recorded Entertainments, on a mission to deliver the most delightful musical artifacts to the world's music lovers. CWRE releases experimental, MIDI-core, chiptune, sound collage, mutato electronic and other sorts of left-of-the-dial uncompromisingly artistic music to people seeking real hard aural experiences springing from the heartland of the United States of America, the proud state Indiana. No copyright violations are allowed because that's the kind of bullshit behavior that hurts real true artists of all stripes.